Hi! I’m LucyLai_Casual3. I go to Rice & I study brains.

Why neuroscience?

Growing up, I loved playing the piano. It seemed incredible that these physical sound waves, weaved into complex rhythms, harmonies, and motifs could inspire political movements, rehabilitate disease, and move people to tears. Furthermore, it was the brains of geniuses such as Bach, Beethoven, and the Beatles that created these beautiful, moving works. I was intrigued. Why not study the organ that creates and construes, that bridges the external and internal? And so my wonder for the human brain was born. These are the questions that first motivated me to understand the mysteries of the brain and mind, and lead to many of my current research interests.

Long term goals?

I love learning and I love teaching. I believe the two go hand-in-hand. To be an academic professor is a personal goal of mine, deeply-rooted in a pursuit for lifelong curiosity and creativity. I have had the privilege to TA for several courses at Rice and have recently designed my own seminar course on the intersection of music and neuroscience.


P1070116.JPGOutside the classroom and lab, I enjoy playing piano and violin, writing music and poetry, visiting hip coffee shops, and running.

I’m always happy to talk and/or give advice about anything! Feel free to ask me questions about my past or present research, advice about neuroscience/cogsci at Rice, being a woman scientist, science and theology/religion, neurophilosophy, classical music, food, and so much more.

I am an active member of the Lupus Foundation of America, and fundraise every year to expand Lupus awareness and education in the Rice and Houston community.

I am also a Houston Symphony Campus Ambassador. Did you know that the Houston Symphony offers a $60 unlimited concerts pass to students?!