COLL 158

Welcome to the course page for COLL 158: How Music Plays the Brain

This 1-credit seminar course was offered Spring ’17, Fall ’17, and Spring ’18.

COLL 158 students visit Baylor College of Medicine’s Core for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CAMRI)!

Why do we love music? Why do certain songs get stuck in our head, or remind us of certain events in our life? What can music teach us about the human brain?

This course examines the ways in which music has shaped the human brain and how it continues to shape the way we act, think, and create into the modern age. Students will discuss and critique the various ongoing topics of music cognition and neuroscience research that aim to delve into the biology of this universal human obsession.

In this course, students will examine music through the lens of neuroscience by studying how music affects and influences human behaviors, how music has influenced neuroscience research, and the neurobiology behind music perception. The class will be an approachable way for musicians and non-scientists to engage in scientific discussions and for scientists to think about human biology in an artistic way. Students will leave this course having developed a greater appreciation for the power of music through dialogues between an age-old art and a budding field of science.

Course Syllabus for Spring 2018

More course content to come!