Teaching is one of my greatest joys. At Rice, I was a teaching assistant for:

  • NEUR/PSYC 362: Cognitive Neuroscience (Spring ’16, ’17, ’18)
  • NEUR/CAAM 416: Neural Computation (Spring ’18)
    • I contributed a lecture on Bayesian Causal Inference in perception.
  • NEUR/BIOC 385: Fundamentals of Neuroscience (Fall ’16, ’17)
  • STAT 310: Probability and Statistics (Fall ‘16)
  • PSYC 203: Intro to Cognitive Psychology (Fall ’15)

Before I left the Yau Lab, I gave a little tutorial on model building and fitting [slides].

I was also a mentor at BrainSTEM, an after-school neuroscience program at KIPP Sunnyside High School. The program serves to promote interest in STEM and neuroscience to underrepresented minorities.

But by far my favorite teaching endeavor has been COLL 158: “How Music Plays the Brain.” I designed and taught 3 semesters of this seminar course on the intersection of music and neuroscience.

“Students will leave this course having developed a greater appreciation for the power of music through dialogues between an age-old art and a budding field of science.” – lofty goals (aka the course syllabus)

Well, did I fulfill my promises? 😛

What they thought of the course | What they thought of me

We visited Baylor College of Medicine’s Core for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CAMRI)!