Teaching is one of my greatest joys. I was/am a teaching assistant for:

  1. NEUR/PSYC 362: Cognitive Neuroscience (Spring ’16, ’17, ’18)
  2. NEUR/BIOC 385: Fundamentals of Neuroscience (Fall ’16, ’17)
  3. NEUR/CAAM 416: Neural Computation (Spring ’18)
  4. STAT 310: Probability and Statistics (Fall ‘16)
  5. PSYC 203: Intro to Cognitive Psychology (Fall ’15)

You will often find me holding office hours for these courses in Lovett College commons. As Lovett’s Head Academic Fellow, I’m also available to help with anything from programming to resume editing and scheduling. In particular, I wrote this for people interested in pursuing the cogsci/neuroscience curriculum at Rice.

In Spring/Fall 2017, I am teaching “How Music Plays the Brain,” a survey course on current research at the intersection of music and neuroscience. Navigate to the COLL 158 tab to access course materials.

I am also a mentor at BrainSTEM, an after-school neuroscience program at KIPP Sunnyside High School. The program serves to promote interest in STEM and neuroscience to underrepresented minorities.