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I am a Ph.D. student at Harvard in the Neuroscience program, supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. I am advised by Sam Gershman. Previously, I studied Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Applied Math at Rice University.

I’m broadly interested in theories of learning: how do our intricately-designed brains enable us to interact with and learn from the world? What makes our learning capabilities different than the best artificial intelligence systems? How do these learning mechanisms break down in neurological and psychiatric disease? I attempt to answer these questions using tools from computational, cognitive, and systems neuroscience.

Outside the lab, I enjoy teaching, playing the piano, running, writing stuff, moral philosophy, coffee, and classical music. I am also a Resident Tutor at Quincy House, where I live with and advise Harvard College students!

Email me at lucylai (at) g (dot) harvard (dot) edu.