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…rotating in the Drugowitsch Lab!


My undergraduate research days were spent in the Yau Lab at the Baylor College of Medicine . There I worked on developing a Bayesian inference model to explain repulsive multisensory cue interactions. I presented this work at SfN 2016, IMRF 2017, and CCN 2017.

I often fled north to escape hot Houston summers… :-)

Thanks to an NSF-REU, I spent some time at MIT working in the lab of Mehrdad Jazayeri. My work there focused on understanding how variability in perception, inference, and memory influences sensorimotor timing.

I spent another summer at the beautiful Janelia Research Campus as a part of the JUS program. There, Josh Dudman taught me to record from neurons, and together we tried to understand how the striatum might represent action kinematics.