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lucy lai

neuroscientist & educator

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here, a collection of my
creations and contemplations.
i hope you enjoy :-)

soliloquy // poetry

an attempt to capture fleeting thoughts

more poems here

stories // personal writing

on life and growing up

more stories here

snapshots // photos
sounds // compositions

in a previous life...

Reflections (2013) / an EP I wrote in high school
Lucy Lai · Reflections

Citrullus lanatus (2015) / score / once upon a time, I got really into process music after taking a course on contemporary music composition in college. I wrote this piece for watermelon, inspired by Steve Reich's clapping music. if you try performing it, I'd love to know how it goes :-)

Father Eradicates House Fly (2015) / score / live recording / for my father, in honor of his fly-snatching talents...

I C the End (2015) / score / live recording / an experiment in monotony

Misc. / a couple months into grad school, an idea came to me after listening to music while learning about Dirichlet Processes on YouTube...
Lucy Lai · dj dirichlet

structures // places and spaces
places that hold special space for me